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Summer Has Arrived, Is Your AC Ready to Fight the Heat?

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Summer has arrived, are you facing any AC related issues? Are you looking for a trustworthy AC Service Center? 

Summer has just begun and the temperatures have already started to rise. It’s time for you once again to start using your air conditioner. But have you planned for the long summer days with your AC?

To ensure your family’s health and safety and to keep your energy bill from climbing too high this summer, it is recommended that you check to see that your AC is clean and has good functioning.

Have a Central Air Conditioner System? Check out the following things to remember:

Summer Has Arrived, Is Your AC Ready to Fight the Heat?

You should at least have a clear understanding of how it operates before you even begin planning your air conditioner to be used this summer. In each central air conditioning system, there are four main components. The ductwork, the outside unit (known as a condenser), the indoor unit (known as an evaporator coil) and the furnace blower motor are such parts.

These components together move the hot, humid air to the outside of your home from within your home, leaving you with cooled, dehumidified air.

A collection of rigid metallic tubes and trunks referred to as the ductwork is behind the walls, drywall and flooring. In your house, the ductwork is the delivery mechanism for the warm and cold air to pass. Often the ductwork has leaks that allow the air from your AC to escape through the walls.

Your AC unit would need to work harder to cool your home when any such thing happens, resulting in higher energy costs. If your basement is very cold and your second floor is very warm in the summertime, it is a good sign of leaking ductwork. In most households, this is a common concern and there is a non-invasive solution known as duct sealing that can solve these problems.

Tips on how to stay well prepared with your AC during Summers;

  • Consider changing your air filters:

Dust particles will eventually decrease your AC unit’s efficiency and cooling power. Furnace filters work in order to avoid the occurrence of such scenarios. Very dirty filters, however, can make it difficult for the blower to circulate air in the furnace, which can cause ice formation. 

Your air conditioner will stop removing the heat as the ice begins to form, making your home warm and uncomfortable and adding more costs to your energy bills. You should change your furnace filter every 1-2 months for this reason. You can call an AC technician right away if you find any issues with your AC unit and ice forming in the device.

  • The outdoor unit must be kept clean:

Make sure there’s nothing in, on, or near your outdoor device to facilitate the energy-efficient function of your air conditioner. To keep them a few feet away from the unit, you can keep the grass around the unit as well as some short, and trim bushes. You can get them removed if there are tree branches hanging over the device. Also, cut leaves and twigs from the yard and keep any objects a few feet away from the yard. 

  • Always keep the condensate drain clean:

Attached to the indoor device, when you use the AC, you will find a thin plastic pipe which drips water. This pipe, when the AC unit is working, is known as the condensate drain that drips water continuously. It may become clogged with dust, debris and fungus over time. Cleaning this drain at the beginning of each season is necessary and it is best to have a licensed AC technician come in and do this for you.

The most critical step in ensuring that your central air conditioning system is ready for operation this summer is possible to schedule a visit of an AC technician for annual maintenance as well as inspection. This summer, routine servicing of your air conditioner will help avoid any expensive and uncomfortable equipment failures.

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Summer Has Arrived, Is Your AC Ready to Fight the Heat?

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