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Split AC Service – Professional Experts In Vadodara.

Split Ac Service in Vadodara

Enjoy the most from both while keeping your home cool and in a controlled atmosphere with Split AC Service in Vadodara.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers Split AC service in Vadodara. We provide a broad range of AC brands such as Voltas, Haier, Videocon, Carrier, Samsung, LG, Blue Star, Kenstar, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Etc.

Split AC service in Vadodara is the hi-tech air cooling service our engineers offer. Our experts are trained to provide you with the top of services. Whatever the conditions outside, you can guarantee the coolness of your indoor space thanks to our Split AC service located in Vadodara.

Tips to Select the best Split AC Service for your Company: A website about the features you should be looking for when choosing a split AC supplier in Vadodara to ensure it is the perfect match for your company.

Professionals in air conditioning are providing the best top-quality service in Vadodara. They provide Split AC services in offices are crucial to keeping cool in an indoor space, regardless of the conditions outside.

Traditionally, air conditioners were designed as heavy, bulky units that were hard to squeeze in small spaces, particularly when multiple teams were required? Here’s the positive side. As time passes and the evolution of technology, these machines have become more compact and efficient.

Air conditioners are now easily incorporated in office areas and are vital to maintaining the temperature of the indoor space regardless of the conditions outside. Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers provides Split AC service in Vadodara.

One of the most significant issues that many people face with the temperature of their home is maintaining a desirable temperature. Temperature control is an essential aspect of keeping a healthy indoor atmosphere.

There are various methods people use to control the temperature of their homes. The most well-known process is to use air cooling units. This blog is an aid to picking the right air conditioning system for your home.

AC Service in Vadodara is among the most sought-after services. The business is going through an enormous change and with the advancement of technology. People are looking to feel more at ease in their surroundings.

The service providers are continuously working to deliver a complete experience. If you’re searching for AC support in Vadodara, You can find various products from top manufacturers in the AC business.

Value Proposition:

  • Split AC installation service within Vadodara: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers provides a Split AC solution in Vadodara. We provide AC services in Vadodara as well as repair of ACs in Vadodara as well as Maintenance of AC in Vadodara as well as Installation of AC in Vadodara as well as AC repair in Vadodara.
  • Split AC Service: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers Split AC service for office spaces. It is essential to maintain an airy indoor space regardless of external conditions. The Split AC services are the best and most effective method of cooling.
  • AC services: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers provides Split AC service in Vadodara.
  • Split AC solution within Vadodara: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers provides split AC services throughout Vadodara, India. Split AC Split AC helps maintain a cool indoor temperature, regardless of external conditions.
Central Ac Service in Ahmedabad

Split AC Services in Vadodara Bulletins:

  • The cooling capacity is greater than that of standard ACs.
  • Our Split AC solution in Vadodara is available in a range of models.
  • We offer Split AC service in Vadodara 24 hours a day.
  • Our Split AC services in Vadodara are provided at a reasonable cost.
  • Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is one of the top Split AC service providers in Vadodara.
  • We provide reliable and high-quality service in Vadodara.
  • Our support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We are available 24/7, and we’ll be there in a matter of minutes.
  • WE OFFER split AC service in Vadodara: * Our AC technicians are well-trained to manage any AC installation task.
  • The services we offer for AC services include maintenance, installation repairs, as well as replacements for your current AC.
  • We can provide you with a no-cost AC test on your AC.
  • We have a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable AC engineers.


Pain: You’ve tried and haven’t found a company you can believe in.

Agitate: Your time and energy have been wasted. Much energy, time, and money with unreliable service.

Solution: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is a reputable company that provides services in Vadodara. We provide you with the top high-end Split AC service in the city.

Pain: The trick is to maintain your air conditioner throughout the day. It’s so hot out that it’s difficult to breathe.

Agitate: The challenge is to get time to cool your office when the AC is down.

Solution: We offer Split AC services in Vadodara. In the blink of an eye, you’ll be capable of cooling your workplace.

Pain: Our ACs are outdated and inefficient. The cost of a repair that we don’t need!

Agitate: it’s challenging to stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Solution: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is the most suitable choice for Split AC service in Vadodara. We provide AC repair, replacement as well as installation.

Split Ac Service and Spares price List in Vadodara:

Sr.No.DescriptionQty.Rate (Rs.)
1Split Ac Compressor 1.0 Ton & Below15950
2Split Ac Compressor 1.5 Ton16980
3Split Ac Compressor 2.0 Ton17950
4Split Ac Compressor 2.5 Ton117950
5Split Ac Compressor 3.0 Ton120900
7Split Ac Gas Charging 1.0 Ton & Below (Gas R22 Or M22)11800
8Split Ac Gas Charging 1.5 Ton (Gas R22 Or M22)12000
9Split Ac Gas Charging 2.0 Ton (Gas R22 Or M22)12400
10Split Ac Gas Charging 2.5 Ton (Gas R22 Or M22)13180
11Split Ac Gas Charging 3.0 Ton (Gas R22 Or M22)13850
12Split Ac Running Capacitor 36 Mfd1480
13Split Ac Running Capacitor 45 Mfd1550
14Split Ac Running Capacitor 60 Mfd1690
15Split Ac Running Capacitor 2.5 Mfd1180
16Split Ac Running Capacitor 3.0 Mfd1250
17Split Ac Running Capacitor 4.0 Mfd1385
18Split Ac Running Capacitor 6.0 Mfd1430
19Split Ac Starting Capacitor 60-80 Mfd1480
20Split Ac Starting Capacitor 80-100 Mfd1550
21Split Ac Starting Capacitor 100-120 Mfd1620
22Split Ac Fan Blade for ODU12050
23Split Ac Blower Indoor12150
24Split Ac Indoor Motor Repairing for ODU11850
25Split Ac AC Wiring1350
26Split Ac Fan Motor Repairing for11900
27Split Ac Relay Box Type1825
28Split Ac Thermostat1715
29Split Ac Pressure testing & Vaccumizing (during gas refilling)1495
30Split Ac Auto Lower Motor11320
31Split Ac Air Filter for ac1605
32Split Ac Dismantle Service & Water Service11500
33Split Ac Compressor Replacement labour charge (Up to 02 Ton)1495
34Split Ac Magnetic Contactor Single Phase11760
35Split Ac Magnetic Contactor 3 Phase13200
36Split Ac Dismantling of Air Conditioners1550
37Split Ac Capillary & Steiner filter1880
38Split Ac Repairing of Cooling / Condensing Coil of Air Conditioners1800
39Split Ac Copper Pipe with Insulation per ft. (1/4 & 1/2, 3/8 & 5/8 any pair)1300
40Split Ac Insulation per ft.150
41Split Ac Electronic Wire 2.5mm per ft.160
42Split Ac Insulated Drain Pipe per ft.180
43Split Ac Circuit PCB Repairing (up to 02 TON Split A.C.)12500
44Split Ac Display PCB (up to 02 TON Split A.C.) repair11550
45Split Ac Display PCB (up to 02 TON Split A.C.) new12800
46Split Ac Fan Motor Repairing for O DU (03 TON)12800
47Split Ac Fan Motor Repairing for IDU (03 TON)12200
48Split Ac Fan Motor Repairing for IDU (5.5 TON)13600

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Split Ac Review:

  • This service is crucial for business. We have a huge office and must keep the temperature fresh for employees. It’s challenging to maintain a cool air temperature inside the office during summer, but with the aid of Split AC service, we don’t need to be concerned about it anymore. This service is inexpensive, and I strongly recommend it.
  • I’ve used the Split AC for around an entire year and am impressed by their high-quality service and professionalism. I am grateful that I have a one-stop shop for all my AC requirements. I’ve always had an immediate response to assistance, and I have always been in a position to get to the root of my AC issues. I would recommend this service to anyone seeking a high-quality AC service with experienced and trustworthy technicians.
  • I searched for an AC company within Vadodara that could offer me excellent service at a reasonable cost. The company provided me with an affordable service, and the service was speedy and efficient. I was able to have the AC repair completed within a half-hour, which was fantastic. The workers were friendly and polite. I would highly recommend this business to anyone.

General Questions for Split ac service in Vadodara:

  • Hi-tech Air Cool Engineers offers Split AC service for offices. It is essential to maintain an airy indoor climate regardless of external conditions.
  • We offer Split AC services within Vadodara.
  • AC always comes in handy. Call us today for expert AC assistance in Vadodara.
  • Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers, the most efficient Split AC service in Vadodara, provides the latest AC models.
  • Discover how summer days can be more comfortable and relaxed by pressing one button.
  • Shop AC For Less
  • A/Cs from Vadodara Buy ACs directly from AC Manufacturers in Vadodara
  • AC is by far the most crucial element to have in your office. It’s the reason you need to consider investing in AC.


Before: It is essential to keep your workplace cool. But how do you do it?

After: We offer Split AC service in Vadodara. We also provide maintenance services.

Bridge: Split-AC service providers in Vadodara in India. Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers.

Before: Split ac is an investment that is costly and requires maintenance. Also, in Vadodara, it is challenging to locate a trustworthy Split AC service supplier.

After: We offer Top-notch Split AC service in Vadodara at an affordable cost.

Bridge: AC Split service available in Vadodara in Vadodara Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers.

Before: With the rise in temperatures outside indoors, interior spaces are becoming increasingly essential in maintaining a relaxed and comfortable environment.

After: Now, imagine that you could find an experienced AC Service provider from Vadodara to handle your AC requirements?

Bridge: split AC Service in Vadodara is an AC service provider that offers top-quality solutions to all of your AC requirements.

Before: Wondering how cool your office will be during the heat of summer?

After: Split ac service in Vadodara from Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers – the top AC services provider within Vadodara.

Bridge: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers Split AC services in Vadodara. Contact us now!

The Benefits of the Feature:

  • Split AC service in Vadodara
  • Find the best AC brand for your needs.
  • Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers Split AC service for offices. Are vital to keep an airy indoor climate regardless of the conditions outside.
  • Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers high-quality Split Ac service at reasonable costs.
  • AC Split service available in Vadodara.

How do I service the split air conditioner at my home in Vadodara?

Vadodara is an urban area with lots of pollution and high temperatures if you reside in Vadodara and are looking for a way to maintain your Split AC at home. If you’re unsure of the best way to service your Split AC in your house, contact Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers.

They provide various options for AC solutions in Vadodara, and they can allow you to call for service free of charge to help you maintain the split AC at your home.

Engaging a professional split AC solution in Vadodara is a great way to set up, maintain and repair your split air conditioner. Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is an experienced company that provides cooling services for split air conditioners. They are experienced in installing, maintenance, repairing, and maintaining a wide variety of split air conditioners. Utilize their services to keep your Split AC running efficiently.

Split AC is an essential part of maintaining a perfect indoor space. If your office is fitted with an air conditioner split and you know how important it is to keep it. If you have an air conditioner that is split in your home, you may be thinking about how to maintain it.

If you have an air conditioner broken in your home, the usual annual check-up is the most basic service you require. In addition, there are other things you can take care of to keep your split ac in good condition. It is possible to do weekly check-ups of half-hour duration. It would help if you also washed the filters once each six months.

Also, it would help if you had your Split AC maintained every six months. Split AC Service Vadodara is crucial to keep a desirable indoor temperature regardless of outside conditions. Voltas, Haier, Videocon, Carrier, Samsung, LG, Blue Star, Kenstar, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and Daikin are a few of the AC brands available in Vadodara.

You can maintain the split AC at your home within Vadodara by hiring an expert AC Service provider. One of the services an experienced AC service provider can provide in exchange. Before you can avail of the service, it is necessary to determine if you live in a one-bedroom or two-bedroom home after clarifying that you can hire an expert AC service supplier.

What is the cost of Split AC maintenance cost in Vadodara?

The maintenance of split air conditioners is crucial for keeping a pleasant and comfortable workplace for your workers. However, it could be expensive. It is essential to know the costs for maintaining the Split AC so you can make an informed choice. Many variables play into determining the price for Split AC maintenance.

The most important aspect is the dimension of the Split AC. Its size Split AC is determined by the volume of air it circulates. The bigger the AC is, the more maintenance it’ll require. Another element that is important to consider is the Split AC area. Maintenance costs will be higher in office or commercial space due to electricity. Maintenance for split AC can range between Rs.400 up to Rs.1,500.

Split AC service in Vadodara is essential to ensure a fantastic indoor atmosphere. Our technicians are certified to repair split ACs according to the requirements of the various brands. The service involves checking the setting of the AC and fixing any issues by troubleshooting and then adjusting the settings to suit.

A Split AC service in Vadodara includes installing and testing your AC mechanism. We also provide warranty service for five years on all ACs. Our Split AC service in Vadodara is affordable, and it is possible to hire an expert to visit your home and repair the AC for a cost of Rs.300.

Split AC maintenance is among the most vital services available in Vadodara. Split AC maintenance is provided via a one-time or an ongoing service. Past services cost Rs.2400 up to Rs.8000 for each unit, while a continuous service costs Rs.1000 or Rs.2500 for every unit.

Split AC service provides many advantages. It helps you keep the temperature of your indoor space regardless of the weather. If you’re looking to select the best Split AC for your home or workplace, Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers provides Split AC service in Vadodara. The business offers Split AC Service in Vadodara for a reasonable price and professional service.

How much does Split AC service cost in Vadodara?

Split AC service in Vadodara is quite costly. However, if you’re searching for a service expert who can install the unit, some experts provide their services at a reasonable cost. Be aware that this service might cost more than a Split AC service.

Split AC service in Vadodara costs about 3800 rupees. 3,800. 3800. AC Service in Vadodara is accessible in Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers.

Split AC service in Vadodara is a must to ensure a comfortable indoor climate regardless of external conditions. Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offer Split AC service in Vadodara that is cost-effective and eco-friendly, safe and reliable. We provide Split AC service in Vadodara, including installation, testing, and commissioning.

Split AC cost of service in Vadodara begin at Rs. 2500/- only. What you get when you purchase Split AC Service in Vadodara:

What is Split AC best for Vadodara?

When it comes to choosing the right Split AC for your office, There are a lot of choices. There are a variety of models and brands of Split ACs, and it is crucial to select the appropriate one for your workplace. One of the first things to think about is the capacity to cool every Split AC, and it is also essential to consider its efficiency in Split AC and the noise level. If you’re located in Vadodara, We suggest picking a Split AC from a reputed brand like Haier.

A Split AC is a popular type of cooling. It comprises a range of units that are joined to form an entire system. The units can be set up in various locations within the structure. They can be put on the ceiling, the wall, or even on the ground. They can be placed on the floor or at the top.

Split AC is ideal for keeping the temperature in the room at a manageable level. It can also be utilized to cool various building spaces like classrooms or offices. There are multiple kinds of Split ACs. There are several types of Split ACs. Split AC, the Split AC with remote control, the Split AC with timer, and the Split AC with the air purifier.

Each kind of Split AC is suited for specific purposes. The type of Split AC you should buy will depend on the requirements of your home. You could purchase a Split AC with an air purifier to maintain the temperature. However, if the air quality isn’t an issue for your house and you are looking for the Split AC with a timer will be the ideal choice.

In Vadodara, the weather may change from one day to the next. In Vadodara, the capacity to cool an air conditioning unit is crucial, and it is essential to choose the AC model that offers the most extraordinary power to cool Vadodara. In Vadodara, there are a variety of AC brands available.

In the case of air conditioning, there are plenty of options to pick from. If you are looking for a space to work or home, it is essential to choose the Split AC. This is a ceiling-mounted-split system with a compressor and a condenser unit. The compressor turns the refrigerant gas-liquid that flows via the condenser, and cool air is pushed into the room by the condenser unit.

In the meantime, the heat escapes out of the windows or via the coil. Based upon the dimensions of your house or office, as well as the state of your power supply, you can select from a range of Split AC brands. Below is the list of the most well-known brands available in Vadodara.

What will happen if Split AC is not serviced in Vadodara?

If you’re not receiving the right amount of air conditioning service in Vadodara, you’ll find yourself with lots of expensive energy bills. If you’ve been trying to find Split AC service providers in Vadodara, perhaps you’ve had a difficult time. But, if you’re looking at Split AC service providers in Vadodara, you’ve arrived at the right spot. Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers Split AC service providers in Vadodara.

The Split AC service is a component of routine maintenance. If it is found that Split AC is not serviced in Vadodara, an alternative device will need to be purchased. The service engineer will need to repair the compressor and recharge the refrigerant, and they also have to clear the condensers.

As a business proprietor, you know that Split air conditioning is vital to maintain a relaxed and comfortable indoor space, regardless of external conditions. There are times when you’ll need to employ a different firm to handle your Split air conditioning service.

Suppose you don’t have the resources or resources to engage another company to manage your Split air conditioning system. In that case, however, you can maintain your office in a comfortable and relaxed climate within your workplace. The most important thing to remember is to keep the Split AC filters and ensure that they are serviced regularly. If your filters aren’t maintained, you could be forced to pay an enormous sum later.

Split AC is the most effective method to keep an indoor temperature that is cool regardless of the weather outside. The majority of workplaces and industries need to utilize this to maintain a healthy and relaxed work environment.

Suppose the Split AC is not functioning and is not supported. In that case, it could cause various issues such as increased electricity consumption, which can result in lower productivity and the possibility of a loss of money. If you’re the owner of the Split AC, ensure that the Split AC is serviced regularly.


The company is located in Vadodara; Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers provides Split AC service in Vadodara. They have a group of experienced engineers waiting to visit your workplace and install a Split air conditioner. They offer a wide range of Split AC units in Vadodara and can put it in place.

We hope you enjoyed our web page! If you’re interested in split AC services, feel free to reach us at any time, and we’ll help you set up an installation of ac at your residence. This page provides an in-depth look at the different types of split AC services available in Vadodara. If you require assistance or are looking for more details, you can contact us via +91 9328953665. Thanks!

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