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Have Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers examined your inverter AC in Surat?

Inverter Ac Service In Surat

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Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is an organization that provides Inverter AC service in Surat and inverter ac repair and maintenance services within Surat. Our skilled AC repair service will assist you in reducing the expense of repairs and the cost of the cooling system.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is your go-to source for repairs to your inverter AC as well as maintenance. We offer the top services for your cooling system and regular checks to keep it in top shape.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is an established company located in Surat which provides top-quality repair services for inverter AC. We have an expert team with years of experience in the services of an inverter AC.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is an established name in air conditioning maintenance and repair in Surat. Our expert team provides top-quality services for a reasonable price. We offer regular maintenance and repair of the cooling device you have, and our technicians are trained and certified to provide high-quality repairs and services.

Based on the findings of Inverter AC circuit repair, it can be estimated that a one percent failure rate in an inverter AC circuit can result in the loss of 8 percent in cooling performance. To avoid the possibility of such a scenario from happening and causing damage to the inverter, AC is recommended to be checked regularly for the following problems:

What you receive with the inverter AC service at Surat is a thorough inspection of the cooling system at smaller intervals. That will ensure that the cooling device runs at the top of its capabilities.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is an acknowledged repair and service provider of any product, including Air conditioners, Air Cooler, Water Cooler, refrigerators, and microwaves. Our skilled engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide an inverter AC circuit repair service in Surat.

Inverter AC is an excellent option to bring the air conditioning you need to cool your room. It is essential to keep your inverter ac well-maintained and in good working order to avoid failure. Make sure you check the condition of your inverter’s ac at smaller intervals to make the maximum benefit from your cooling system. We offer the top repair service for inverter ACs in Surat.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat Value Proposition.

  • The Inverter AC Maintenance in Surat: Regularly checking the condition of the inverter AC will allow you to reduce repair costs. At Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers, we offer regular checkups to your inverter AC.
  • Inverter Ac Regular maintenance in Surat: At Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers, we strongly believe in regular maintenance of your cooling system unless there are problems and repair charges are more significant than what you expect. Check the health of your AC inverter in smaller intervals to make the maximum benefit from your cooling system.
  • Inverter Ac Maintaining your system regularly in Surat: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers offers regular maintenance to ensure that your cooling system is running at its top. Through our routine maintenance, you will feel secure knowing that your inverter AC is in good in the hands of a professional.
  • Inverter Ac Regular Maintenance in Surat: By performing regular maintenance, you’ll be able to get the most efficient cooling system. Install an inverter AC checkup every few months to get the most out of your cooling system.

How to save money on maintenance of your Inverter AC | This web page will help you extend the longevity of your cooling system and save money in the process.

Inverter AC service is available in Surat is a well-known brand for air conditioning and beneficial for those seeking reliable inverter AC service. With the help of an inverter, AC service will let you get rid of the unpleasant sensation of humidity. What are you waiting to do? Contact the inverter AC service Surat by dialing +91-9328953665. Get the AC inverter service you’ve earned.

The majority of inverter ACs is susceptible to frequent failures and repair fees that are much more than what you would expect. Inverter Air Cooling Engineers at Hi-Tech Air Coolers fix your Inverter AC circuit to Surat and address the issues with your inverter AC to ensure it will endure for quite a lengthy period.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is one of the top names for AC inverter services in Surat. We have a group of experienced engineers covering different city regions. We offer services like inverter AC circuit repair and installation, AC Repair and Troubleshooting replacing inverter ACs, AC installation, AC issues, and more.

This website is about how inverter AC’s requiring regular maintenance to function effectively. If you want to make the most of your inverter AC, you should plan a routine checkup to ensure that your device is operating at its peak capacity.

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Hi-tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat Most Speedy Points:

  • We provide air conditioning repair solutions in Surat.
  • We offer services to all the inverter AC brands and have engineers in Surat.
  • Our services are available 24 hours and seven days a week.
  • Our team consists of experts with years of experience in repairing air conditioning.
  • We offer maintenance and repair services regularly for cooling equipment.
  • We will provide you with a complete inspection of the inverter AC circuit.
  • Make sure you have a regular inverter AC inspection and ensure the highest performance of your cooling system.
  • We offer AC circuit inverter repair and maintenance services.
  • We provide top-quality repair services on your air conditioning device.
  • Make sure you save your cash in the long term.
  • Our trained technicians will offer you periodic checks.
  • We are on call for emergencies round the clock.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat Pain-Agitate-Solution:

Pain: There is hardly any time that your AC unit is functioning correctly. 

Agitate: It’s costly to have your AC fixed, and additionally it can take a long time to fix it.

Solution: At Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers located in Surat, we can offer complete AC maintenance and repair service. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll be there to repair your AC.

Pain: Your AC is an investment in itself, and it’s crucial to ensure it’s running at its peak.

Agitate: It’s unclear how you can repair a reverser AC, and you don’t want to contact an expert.

Solution: You can count on Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers to repair your inverter AC at the lowest cost.

Pain: It is playing a strange sound, and your AC isn’t cooling correctly.

Agitate: It’s not clear what you should do. You’re not sure how to repair it, and you don’t know how to go regarding the cost.

Solution: At Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers, you can have your AC repaired using an annual service plan. We offer a broad range of programs to select from.

Inverter Ac Service and Spares Price List In Surat.

Sr.No.DescriptionQty.Rate (Rs.)
1Compressor 1.0 Ton & Below110500
2Compressor 1.5 Ton113250
3Compressor 2.0 Ton115600
4Compressor 2.5 Ton120500
5Compressor 3.0 Ton125000
7Gas Charging 1.0 Ton & Below (Gas 404, 410, 32, 407)13500
8Gas Charging 1.5 Ton (Gas 404, 410, 32, 407)14000
9Gas Charging 2.0 Ton (Gas 404, 410, 32, 407)14500
10Gas Charging 2.5 Ton (Gas 404, 410, 32, 407)15000
11Gas Charging 3.0 Ton (Gas 404, 410, 32, 407)15500
12Fan Blade for ODU13500
13Blower Indoor13500
14Indoor Motor Repairing for ODU12500
15AC Wiring1350
16Fan Motor Repairing for11900
17Pressure testing & Vaccumizing (during gas refilling)1495
18Auto Lower Motor11320
19Air Filter for a.c1605
20Dismantle Service & Water Service11500
21Compressor Replacement labour charge (Up to 02 Ton)1495
22Dismantling of Air Conditioners1550
23Repairing of Cooling / Condensing Coil of Air Conditioners1800
24Copper Pipe with Insulation per ft. (1/4 & 1/2, 3/8 & 5/8 any pair)1300
25Insulation per ft.150
26Electronic Wire 2.5mm per ft.160
27Insulated Drain Pipe per ft.180
28Circuit PCB Repairing (up to 02 TON Split A.C.)17500
29Display PCB (up to 02 TON Split A.C.) repair17500
30Display PCB (up to 02 TON Split A.C.) new114250
31Installation of Air-conditioner11400
32Service valve (Discharge valve) ¼ & 3/81680
33Suction valve ½ & 5/81850
34Condensing coil 01 TON14500
35Condensing coil 1.5 TON15300
36Condensing coil 02 TON15800

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat Product Review:

  • Service to customers is exceptional. The staff is competent and trustworthy. They are always there when I require them, and they are always quick to answer my queries. I am pleased that I came across this company, and I’ve had a wonderful experience with them.
  • The Inverter AC system is ideal for cooling a space quickly and effectively. I came across this company on accident and had an excellent encounter working alongside them. They’re an honest business, and I had never had issues with their services, even when it was not during their regular times. I would recommend them to anyone searching for an inverter AC service that is reliable.
  • This inverter AC repair I received was fantastic. The Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers team was very accommodating and explained everything in a way that was easy to comprehend. They were able to repair my inverter AC within minutes, and I’m incredibly pleased with the services they offered. I would highly recommend this business to anyone!

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat Engaging Posts:

  • You don’t have to be too old to begin making a habit of taking care of your air cooling system.
  • To ensure the proper cooling device, it’s advised to look at the AC every few months. For more information about AC service, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is an experienced Inverter AC Service in Surat.
  • Buy an AC today!
  • Sometimes, your cooling system is at fault and requires to be fixed.
  • Book your Cooling device right now to be cool this summer.
  • Make sure you check the inverter AC to make the most performance from your cooling device.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat Before-After-Bridge.

Before: You have spent many dollars on the most current inverter AC. However, the cooling system isn’t working as it’s supposed to.

After: You can call for a routine appointment to address the issue and save money by regular maintenance.

Bridge: Do not worry too much about your AC and contact Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers for regular maintenance.

Before: Sometimes, an inverter AC can stop working, and you’ll need to fix it for the expense.

After: Now, with this service, you’ll be able to have a regular checkup for your inverter AC in a short time frame to get the best out of your cooling system.

Bridge: Make sure Hi-Tech Air Cool engineers test your inverter AC.

Before: The importance of regular cooling system maintenance cannot be over-emphasized. It isn’t easy to know who to trust.

After: What if I informed you that there’s an organization that could perform the maintenance and repairs of your inverter AC?

Bridge: Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is the top service provider for the inverter AC in Surat.

Before: There is no reason to fix your inverter AC when you do not know-how.

After: With inverter AC service in Surat, You can have your AC repaired without trouble.

Bridge: To avail of the inverter AC services in Surat, contact us at +91 – 9328953665 and speak to one of our team of experts.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers Inverter Ac Service in Surat The Benefits of Feature:

  • Check the condition of your AC inverter at smaller intervals to make the most efficient cooling system—inverter AC circuit repairing.
  • Our expert team of technicians is ready to offer the highest quality solutions to our customers.
  • We provide the best inverter ac service in Surat.
  • Make sure you check the condition of your AC inverter at smaller intervals to make the most efficient cooling system.
  • Check the health of your AC inverter at smaller intervals to make the most efficient cooling system.

Who can provide the most reliable inverter air conditioner repairs in Surat?

The top repair of your inverter air conditioner supplier within Surat can be found at Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers. They have a highly skilled and skilled team that will take care of all your requirements. They’ve been serving customers across Surat since the year 2000, and they’re the best since they provide the expertise, expertise, and cost-effectiveness to their customers.

The most appealing feature of Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is that they offer a no-cost service call to those who can have their unit maintained by them.

In the case of inverter air conditioners, Surat is the ideal place for repairs. There are a lot of repair and maintenance centers that know the best technology and have the most skilled technicians to handle it. Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is one of them. Their experts can assist in any issue. They also have modern equipment and machinery. They are incredibly professional and accountable.

Their team consists of experts with many decades of experience and is proficient in all sorts and types of AC repairs.

Inverter air conditioners can be power-efficient, reliable cooling systems. They’re an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient and reliable cooling system. As with all appliances maintaining it and keeping it clean is crucial to its effectiveness. It is possible to take care of your inverter air conditioner by examining it by a certified tech with Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers.

We are the most reliable repair service for inverter ACs service in Surat. We provide the most efficient repair for your inverter air conditioner and the most recent equipment to assist us in identifying and resolving issues that arise with the inverter AC. We offer the top inverter repair regardless of what kind of inverter air conditioner you own.

We also provide a range of repair options for inverter ACs that includes replacing the unit. When you choose an inverter conditioner, it is crucial to consider how often you’ll have to fix it. Inverter air conditioners last and robust we believe in the routine cleaning of the cooling system unless

Inverter air conditioners are top of the line and are on the market. Inverters are made by top manufacturers and are sold on the market at affordable prices. They are well-known for their high-end quality and capability to offer excellent cooling. But, it’s essential to find out who can offer the most effective inverter air conditioners and inverter repair of air conditioners in Surat.

If you’re looking for the most effective inverter repair for your air conditioner and maintenance, then make contact with Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers. They’re the top repair of the inverter AC in Surat.

What gas is used to power an inverter AC in Surat?

The way that the inverter ac functions is by using refrigerant, which is a kind of gas. This gas is then utilized as a coolant to make it cool. The gas used in the inverter air conditioners is R-22, a form of Freon. Like any other gas, it is essential to keep your inverter AC to prevent any issues. Regular inspections are necessary for the inverter AC.

The inverter AC is an air conditioner that uses the power generated by alternating current (AC) to create cooling. In this case, the AC power is transformed into direct current (DC), and this DC is utilized to provide power to the compressor. An air conditioning system driven by a motor converts the AC power to DC power. It’s also known as motor-driven AC.

It is typically employed in large industrial and commercial structures. The inverter in this instance connects to the grid via power transformers. Inverter ACs may also be used in smaller residential areas.

Inverter AC systems are in use across the globe and are primarily utilized in regions with climates that aren’t ideal that the unit can be installed outside. They are made for cooling the air inside the building and are powered by electricity or gas. Inverter AC systems run either on electricity or gas and include at least one compressor for cooling.

When there is a problem in the inverter AC system, an engineer has to identify the issue to determine if it is caused by a leak in a refrigerant or a compressor issue. A refrigerant leak could occur because of an unfit valve or refrigerant leak. A compressor issue can occur because of wear-out bearings or motor for the compressor that has failed or a leak in the refrigerant pipe.

Inverter AC is a kind of air conditioner with both a motor and compressor. It is among the most well-known cooling devices. It is essential to consider the cooling capacity of the inverter AC and choose the cooling equipment accordingly. Inverter AC can be found throughout Surat and its surrounding areas with the possibility of a variety of cooling capacities.

The most common gas that is used for inverter AC includes Ozone. The gas is known as Ozone creates oxygen. Ozone is a gas that is produced by the sun. It is also the most widely located throughout the atmosphere.

Who can fix Inverter Ac PCB Circuit in Surat?

If your inverter AC isn’t working as it should, it is essential to identify who can repair it. We provide a list of options.

Hi-Tech Air Cool Engineers is the most reliable and trustworthy name in AC inverter repair in Surat. We offer high-quality inverter AC repair and maintenance services in Surat. Our technicians are skilled, qualified, certified, and provide the highest quality repair service. We do not just repair but also offer maintenance services to inverter AC.

We provide high-quality inverter AC repair and maintenance services in Surat. Our technicians are skilled, qualified, certified, and provide the highest quality repair services. We do not just repair but also offer maintenance services for inverter AC.

The Hi-Tech Air Cool engineers will fix the problem with an Inverter AC Circuit board located in Surat. We have a skilled and skilled group of engineers who can repair any problem that arises with an inverter AC circuit in Surat. With our experience and expertise, we can fix any issue with the inverter AC circuit boards of every manufacturer in Surat.

Our service includes installation free of an inverter AC circuit board of any brand in Surat. Our service also includes installing an inverter AC circuit board of any manufacturer in Surat. We offer quick service, and our service is accessible 24 hours a day in Surat.

Inverter AC is among the most reliable and robust devices you have at home. It operates on AC power and transforms it into electrical energy to power your home appliances. Inverter AC runs on AC power, and it is the power source for inverters. AC can convert the AC energy into electricity to power the appliances you have in your home. Inverter AC is sometimes referred to as an inverter modified AC.

Inverter AC is also thought of to be a very efficient device. However, as we know, every device comes with its issues. Inverters AC may fail due to a variety of causes. If your AC fails, you should contact an expert to fix it. Numerous businesses repair the inverter AC in Surat.

However, fixing the inverter AC is much more expensive than purchasing an entirely new unit. To avoid issues, seek an expert for repairs to an inverter AC. Make sure you check the condition on your inverter AC every few months to make sure you are getting the

What is an inverter AC PCB Circuit repair Cost in Surat?

If you are looking to do a minor overhaul of the circuit inverter AC, we suggest a cost that is INR 1200 for the initial visit and INR 1200 in the next stop. If you want to complete a significant overhaul of the inverter AC circuit, it is three thousand rupees for the initial visit and INR 2700 on your second trip. For substantial overhauls of the circuit of the inverter, we recommend a price that is INR 4000 on the initial visit and INR 3600 to cover the next stop. If a significant overhaul of the inverter AC circuit is required, the costs are INR 10800 on the initial visit and INR 9800 for the subsequent visit.

The most significant major issue with an inverter AC is the PCB circuit. It is, however, difficult to fix the PCB. To repair the PCB, an engineer must replace the entire PCB. The difficulty of the repair determines the price of PCB circuits. For example, a PCB circuit with only one phase and one voltage will have a fixed cost of Rs. 5,500. A PCB circuit that has two stages, as well as two different voltages, is priced at about Rs. 9,500. There are different prices for various inverters based on their level of complexity. The price is also determined by the time it takes an engineer to complete the repair.

Repairing the inverter circuit of an AC is an affordable solution for Surat. There are a variety of reasons to improve the inverter air conditioning circuit, and the most common reasons are as follows:

Repairing the circuit in an inverter is a frequent and expensive process. It is possible to determine the price and length of time you have to put in during the repair process. It is possible to employ experts from the best inverter AC engineer in Surat to repair the problem. He will give you an exact estimate of the cost and time required for repair. The inverter AC circuit repair price could vary from case to case.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post about routine maintenance of your cooling equipment. We realize that it is difficult to deal with machines for specific individuals. However, it may be helpful to have someone like us to assist you in maintaining any cooling equipment. Feel free to call our team by calling +91 9328953665. We’d love to help you!

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