Water Despenser-Voltas
Voltas has been ap pioneer in the manufacturing of Air-Conditioners in India . In the year 1954 a collaboration with the Volkart Brothers, a Swiss firm and Tata Sons Limited, resulted in the formation of Voltas Limited, which is now one of the leading Air conditioning concerns of India.
Water Cooler
To complement today's modern kitchen, Hitachi's new refrigerators are sophisticated and functional; reflecting your good taste in the kitchen. Hitachi's stylish range of refrigerators offers advanced technology that preserves the quality and freshness of food for a healthy diet.
Air conditioner (Daikin)
This white Voltas Minimagic Plus VT Water Dispenser is a useful addition in your home or office. It comes in an exquisite design and attractive white finish that will blend well with your room decor. You can quench your thirst by pressing 3 ergonomic faucets that give cold or hot water as per your requirements. The cooling capacity of this dispenser is 3 litres per hour, whereas its heating capacity is 4 litres per hour.
Air conditioner (Daikin)
They are always there, just like air. The reason why, air conditioners should have simple designs that merge smoothly with our daily lives. And Daikin's subtle flat panel design blends seamlessly into any room interior.
Air Conditioner (Vestar)
Equipped with the finest technology for maximum cooling and minimum energy consumption. And most importantly, a stamp of trust from ETA, the experts in air conditioning.
Deep Freeze(Vestar)
Presenting Vestar Chest Freezer from the house of ETA. The range of Chest Freezers for retail and commercial food storage to help your business grow. Vestar Chest Freezers are energy efficient which saves more on your power bills. The anti- scratch cabinet & lockable lid is corrosion resis­tant for better durability & trouble free usage.
Air Conditioner-LG
It provides the comfortable cooling by maintaining the optimum indoor temperature and humidity. You can also save energy upto 36% compared to normal dehumidification mode.
LG plays a leading role here with their smart and intelligent products. Their refrigerators are highly stylish and trendy. There is a huge variety of models from which any one can select based on their need and budget. LG Company mainly producing 3 different variety refrigerators they are side by side, double door and single door type refrigerators
Air Conditioner (Videocon)
This AC from Videocon comes with utility functions, such as sleep mode, auto restart and temperature control feature. The active carbon filter and anti-bacterial filter helps remove dust, foul odour and absorbs harmful bacteria or viruses. This Videocon AC comes with a tropical compressor that facilitates fast and effective cooling. This Videocon split air-conditioner has blue fin evaporator that ensures longevity and durability owing to its anti-corrosion feature.
Videocon refrigerators are the best way to keep your food fresh and maintain its shelf life. At Snapdeal you can find various single door and double door options in these with above 500 ltr of storage capacity.The toughened glass shelves and power coated finish on the exteriors of the doors of Videocon refrigerators make them extremely durable and long lasting. The anti-bacterial removable door gasket which prevents fungi & bacteria from entering your fridge and the lock & key feature that helps prevent kids from opening/closing the fridge time and again, add to the various other advantages one gets post buying a Videocon refrigerator.
Air Condition (Sansui)
Washing Machine (Sansui)
Air conditioner (Electrolux)
The air-conditioner has a high cooling capacity to meet the demands of the users during peak hours. The auto-restart feature in this unit turns the AC on after a power-cut, automatically. The sleep mode helps maintain optimum cooling conditions during sleeping hours by increasing the temperature with the drop in ambient temperature. The timer helps the users define a period of time under which the AC is to be operated. The anti-bacterial filter prevents growth of bacteria on the insides of this unit.
Refrigirator (Electrolux)
The factory original Electrolux EWF01 (FC300) Filter fit refrigerators by Electrolux with the Pure Advantage Ice and Water Fitration System. This filter will NOT fit the ICON side-by-side models. Features: Original OEM product Easy installation and operation Helps reduce chlorine taste and odor Helps reduce contaminants found in tap water and improves its quality Tested by NSF International against Standard 42 for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor and particulate Tested by NSF International against Standard 53 for the reduction of lead, cysts, turbidity and other chemicals and impurities.
Washing Machine (Electrolux)
Keep your soiled clothes conveniently in this Electrolux washing machine for an effective wash. Featuring an elegant light gray colour, this washing machine accepts a washing load of up to 5.8 kg. There are ten wash program modes that you can choose from as per your requirement. Eight water selection levels are also available at your disposal. Its rust free plastic body and stainless steel tub make it reliable and durable.
Air Conditioner (Samsung)
This Samsung AC has a precise temperature control system that accurately controls the temperature and humidity of the room. The sleep mode of this AC considers the rhythms of human sleep and regulates the cooling temperature to maintain the ideal environment for user's convenience. The tropicalised compressor along with the sturdy motor can cool quickly even during high ambient temperature. The reinforced fan hub of this Samsung AC makes spinning more stable and reduces noise due to vibration while the AC is in operation. The anti-bacterial filter of this air conditioner filters dust and blocks bad odour.
This Samsung AC has a precise temperature control system that accurately controls the SAMSUNG Refrigerator model RT59FBSL comes with a Digital Inverter Compressor, Cool curtain system, No frost with multi flow and LED lighting. SAMSUNG Refrigerator has cool curtain system which ensures uniform temperature throughout the refrigerator. The cool booster gives a 3D cooling action by releasing cool air from the sides. There are air ducts on each shelf which allows cool air outlet for each shelf space.
Air conditioner (Onida)
ONIDA SMART Inverter ACs is designed with World’s best DC Compressor and advanced FAST control technology which continuously senses and monitors the room temperature. An advanced algorithm changes the frequency and speed of the compressor motor to provide super high efficiency. This saves up to 65% in energy bill under part load conditions. All this along with advanced features like Pure Air Ionizer, Follow Me Cooling, Auto Clean makes this a must own Smart AC.
Washing Machine (Onida)
Onida Washing Machines come with an In-Built Brush which give a wash as good as a handwash and also with a powerful motor to clean your clothes to the best.The Hydrocare Washing Machines are designed to give your clothes a powerful wash. These machines are designed in a rust free fibre body which is anti-corrosive and are loaded with other features like Magic Lint Filter, Spin Shower and Active Soak Timer.
Invertor Air conditioner (Sharp)
  • Plasmacluster Ion
  •  Powerful Jet
  •  Inverter Controlled Operation
  • Gentle Cool Air System
  •  Full Power Mode
  •  Lower Room Temperature Setting (from 16°C)
  • Computerized Dry Mode Operation
  •  Auto Operation Mode
  •  Auto & 3-Step Fan Speed Settings
  •  Auto Restart Function
  •  Microcomputer Control
  •  LCD Wireless Remote Control
  •  12-Hour ON/OFF Timer
  •  1-Hour OFF Timer
Refrigerator (Sharp)
New Improved Plasmacluster Ion technology Advantage : Effectively removes odors in refrigerator and eliminates airborne allergin Advance Hybrid cooling Advantage : Prevents excessive dryness, uneven or over cooling
Air Conditioner (O-General)
This O General AXZ18ANN 1.5-ton Air Conditioner with a rotary compressor has an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 10.58 and has 3 fan speeds available. O General AXZ18ANN 1.5-ton has mechanical temperature control. This O General air conditioner comes with Burst Proof Capacitor with 9 stage pre-treated coating which is also fire retardant.
Heavy Duty Air Conditioner (Mitsubishi)
Mitsubishi Heavy Duty room air conditioners incorporate the latest innovative technologies, combining with industry-leading energy-saving and silencing technologies, to ensure optimum performance and room comfort wherever they are installed.
Air Conditioner-Carrier
Keep yourself cool and comfortable with the Carrier Performance Series. This AC unit provides up to 18 SEER performance and has a two-stage scroll compressor, WeatherArmor Ultra protection and more. It is designed to help you save energy and money on your electrical bills while keeping you cool.
Air Conditioner(Hitachi)
Through its extensive research and development, Hitachi has remained at the forefront of the air-conditioning industry with a wide range available in the market. New technological breakthroughs allow Hitachi to provide high quality, efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions. Get in touch with a fresh home atmosphere today with Hitachi Room Air Conditioners.
Refrigerator (Hitachi )
To complement today's modern kitchen, Hitachi's new refrigerators are sophisticated and functional; reflecting your good taste in the kitchen. Hitachi's stylish range of refrigerators offers advanced technology that preserves the quality and freshness of food for a healthy diet.
Washing Machine (Hitachi)
Key Features
  • Washing Machine Type: Fully Automatic
  • Capacity: 8 kg
  • Loading Type: Top Loading
  • Function: Washer
Air conditioner (TCL)
Independent clean air devices, the unique four-layer protective measures, the first layer of strong dust net to remove the indoor dust, pet hair, pollen, formaldehyde nemesis second filter to remove high-carcinogens methanol and tea decoration such as pollution, the third layer super-Los bacteria filter, remove the TB bacteria, E. coli, influenza virus and other 13 kinds of bacteria, the fourth layer of high coconut shell activated carbon filter, removing smoke, odor, taste and other pets
Heavy Duty Air Conditioner (York)
Air Conditioner (York) featuring built-in safety protection, low noise, low electricity consumption, increased reliability & longer life.2.SCHNEIDER electric components ensure the stable operation and long service life.3.Imported Italian famous brand water pump, large flow, high efficiency and long lasting service life.4.Imported precise digital display temperature controller is provided.
Air Conditioner-Lloyd
For users' convenience, this AC comes with self-diagnosis and auto-protect function. The sleep mode allows this AC to automatically adjust the temperature of the room. It comes with an LED display along with an on/off timer. The auto restart feature automatically restarts the AC when power is restored after a power-cut. It can effectively remove moisture at a rate of 1.9 litres/hour from the room for maximum comfort. This Lloyd AC also features a memory backup function that stores the settings.

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